What distinguishes Threads from Twitter?

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Threads is a new software that Mark Zuckerberg unveiled that gives users a place to express their ideas and engage in live conversation. Last night at 7 p.m. ET, Meta released the app, and in just 12 hours, it had over 20 million users!

As a substitute for Twitter, Threads is mentioned. To help readers better grasp the new social media site, we’ve listed the top 10 ways Threads and Twitter differ.

1. Instagram-verified accounts are eligible to use their blue badge on Threads. However, Twitter charges $8 per month for this feature.

2. Both authenticated and unverified Threads users will be allowed to submit movies up to five minutes long. Users who don’t have the blue badge on Twitter can post videos up to 20 seconds long.

3. Meta confirmed that users of Threads will be given a 500-character limit. Twitter users can use up to 280 characters, in contrast.

4. Similar to Instagram, Threads has the same capabilities for barring and muting accounts as well as content guidelines.

5. Over the last weekend, Twitter restricted how many posts a user could read each day to 600 for unverified accounts and 6000 for blue badge holders. Such restrictions do not yet exist for Threads.

6. Threads were released without advertisements. According to Bloomberg, this has been done to engage as many people as possible.

7. Because Threads and Instagram are connected, you won’t have to start from scratch while looking for accounts to follow. The Instagram users you’ve blocked will continue to be blocked.

8. In order to send private messages, one must go to Instagram instead of Threads. Twitter does allow users to send and receive direct messages, though.

9. The screenshots show that starting a thread requires pressing enter three times, but on Twitter, you only click the plus sign.

10. By navigating over the homepage, you can learn more about what’s on Threads. On the other hand, users can view trending news on Twitter’s home page in addition to other subjects they might find interesting.


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